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24th of December, 2012


MRP wishes all editors and everyone out there a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Check out our Christmas Icons and Wallpapers :)  you can find them at our MemoRabilia

29th of October, 2012


A new promotion has been released! It focuses on Lightning and our new members - and hopefully sweetens the wait for our upcoming projects a bit! 

We hope you enjoy watching!

27th of October, 2012


Before the Warm-Up Game will be released, we would like to publish another interview with one of our new members: khrikulover!

You can read her comments here:  The Warm-Up Game - Member Reports

14th of October, 2012


You can find new banners in our Link Us section!

3rd of October, 2012


Mina released a new promotion, which also shows our studio intro.

Please check it out!


Phoenix Wings


14th of September, 2012



8th of September, 2012



7th of September, 2012



  • New member icons for forums, youtube and our website; made by znMatt. To see more, please visit our Icons section!
  • A new project is going to be released soon! We've been working on a little MEP and we want to give you some information before it's going to be up on YouTube. Please check it out! The Warm-Up Game: I'm not moving

16th of June, 2012


Member Profiles have been updated: znMatt, xSeerAi and khrikulover.

17th of May, 2012



  • A new background, made by kikka1302, was added to our MemoRabilia.
  • You can find new banners in our Link Us section; 
  • Kikka's and Seerai's profiles have been updated.

1st of January, 2012



  • A New Promo revealed the official characters of our new members! Make sure to check it out at our Studio Promos section!
  • The MemoRablia section was updated. You can find a new Wallpaper there and our current icons were added. There is also a new category available: Header Banners.
  • New Banners are available at our Link Us section.

31st of December, 2011


It's been a while since I came here to update the site. Well, obviously with new members, there are always some things you need to organize before you can really get started any projects and other stuff. Also, christmas kept many of us busy. 

A new year begins - and we're ready to show you some awesome new stuff in the upcoming months! We hope everyone out there had a wonderful christmas time and we wish you a lot of fun celebrating 2012!! 

Happy New Year!


  • If you visited the site within the past weeks, you might have recognized a new promotion, which was created by FetaVideos: Make Me Beautiful. You can find and watch it at our StudioPromos section.
  • The profiles of our new members are finally up!! There are still some graphics missing, but we're working on it and they will be updated soon. Feel free to visit their sections and find out some more information about our new support. You can also find links to their channels now all over the homepage. 

khrikulover - Noctis

Spazzlings - Ezio

znMatt - Shelke

xSeeraAi - Yuna

27th of November, 2011


  • We finally released the results of our MRP Reboot Auditions! To find out more about the judging process and the results, please visit these sections:

Judging Process


  • Obviously the new layout was released some days ago. But also our MemoRabilia section was updated. You can find new backgrounds and images there! Aside from this we added some new banners to the Link Us section.
  • More information about the new members coming soon!

19th of November, 2011



  • We have finally made our decision! Yesterday we finished our results and today they were given out to the current MRP group. Of course they are still strictly off the record and all participants and winners will be informed later ;) At the moment we are working on some organizational and technical things. We know that all this waiting is agonizing for you, so we would like to present to you the results asap! However, we need to ask you for some more patience. Until the waiting comes to an end, we would like to tell you some details about our decisions and the system of our result presentation. Soon you will be able to read more about the result in these categories: 

Judging Process

 Result Presentation [withdrawn]

  • Note: The results have not been given out officially yet! They were only announced to the current members. All new members will be invited after the official presentation! In other words: everything is still a secret ;D Sorry if anything sounded misstakable!

17th of November, 2011



  • We apologize for another delay. Due to some technical problems with the internet and some missunderstandings, the results will not be up before weekend. We try our best to announce the new members asap! Thanks a lot for your patience.

10th of November, 2011



  • A list of all participants, containing additional information about the entries and judging process was posted in the Auditions section.
  • The auditions were closed on 3rd of November, 2011. Thanks a lot to everyone who entered! The results will most probably be posted at the beginning/mid of next week. We've been judging and discussing the entries for some time now, but unfortunately our leader does not have a stable internet connection until next week. Sorry to keep you waiting! 
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: It seems like a few entries were lost!! Please check out the list of responses if you entered and make sure if your entry is still there! If your entry is not on the list, leave a comment or message us via pm - including a link to your entry!

30th of October, 2011



  • We decided to extend the deadline of the auditions. New Deadline: 3rd of November, 2011. If you have already posted your entry as a response but want to revise your video until Thursday, you are allowed to send in another video until the deadline. Please make sure to read the rules!! There are a few entries which we could not approve, because they were missing important informations!
















16th of October, 2011



  • kikka1302 - Profile has been updated. You can now find her featured video and additional information there!
  • The Reboot page in our Promotion section has been updated.











15th of October, 2011



  • A new section in our MemoRabilia is available: Icons. There you can find icons which were made by our members.
  • Our Reboot Project was added to the Promotions Section!

Important announcement: We will finally reveal our new member on sunday! Another promotional upload of our Reboot Project will be released by the editor who joined MRP some months ago. Make sure to keep your eyes open!

14th of October, 2011


Time flows without pause...

That's so true. A lot of things have happened since our last update. MRP will turn over a new leaf - and you could become a part of it!

If you were about to break, would you decide to give up? Well, we will not surrender. We decided to keep working hard - maybe more than ever. And today we present to you our new focus.

If you are interested in being a part of our future projects then you should definetely keep an eye on this website within the next days! New updates will be released very soon!



  • The "Members" section was updated.
  • MemoRised Pictures is holding Auditions! A new category was created where you can find all information and rules!

21st of July, 2011



  •  Unfortunately one of our members lost her account. Feta19 is now available as FetaVideos on youtube. Please sub and support her new account!
  • We're working on a promo project for our comeback, but it will still take some time until the new member will be announced officially. However, a little teaser was released by FetaVideos, which shall keep the viewers interested. It can be found at the Promotions section, which is now and independent category. To watch the new promo, visit the Studio Promotions site, please.
  • New YouTube Backgrounds are now available at our MemoRabilia section!

27th of June, 2011



17th of June, 2011



- The Members Section was updated. You can find information about our members and watch their videos now!

- A "MemoRabilia" Section was added. This part of the website is under construction though.

- The Projects Section was updated. More Studio and MEP Promos will be added soon.

16th of June, 2011


Dear Editors, Fans and Viewers.

The members of our studio have decided to come together again. This was already indicated by the reupload of "A Journey For Hope" on YouTube. We have new support, projects are already being planned and the website is going to be updated within the next weeks. Our comeback is near and we will soon give out more information. MemoRised Pictures will celebrate a great reunion - and everyone of you is invited to enjoy it. We're looking forward to work together again !




- Referring to our comeback, a new Layout and Header image decks the site out now.

- I started to update the Members section, but it's still under construction.

15th of June, 2011


Happy Birthday, Kairih92!

2nd of June, 2011


"A Journey For Hope" was finally reuploaded!

26th of February, 2011



- Our Members section was updated. More information can be found in their profiles soon.

12th of September, 2010



- A Link Us section was added. You can find Banners here!

- "I'm Vidding It!" is now promoted on this site.

 9th of September, 2010


MemoRised Pictures finally has a place to reach you again! The studio is currently having a break. But that doesn't mean we're dead! Behind the scenes, I'm already starting to prepare everything for a come back in 2011.

This website is very young and I'm still working on it. There will be some updates from time to time, so make sure to check it out if you're interested ;)

I want to thank everyone who supports our group. I'm very proud to have such amazing members.


Thanks for visiting the site!