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You are given 2 options. You may only post ONE video as an entry! Choose one of these options and post into your title or description which option you picked.

OPTION 1 - A timeless masterpiece

Your entry can be any video, old or new. Though, it should show us something really significant. It can be very emotional and important to you, for personal reasons. It could be just your best work, which you think shows your skills very well. It could be anything, no matter if you concentrated on effects, timing, etc. Just make sure that you are convinced of it.
Additional Rule for OPTION 1:
If you pick this option, you should post into your description WHY you picked this video as your entry. Let us know what this video makes so special! (write at least 3-5 sentences!)

OPTION 2 - Your Arrival

If you think you are able to create a video in time, then this option could be interesting to you. Choose a character from any game (anime and others are allowed for this video, too), which you would like to pick as your representing character in our studio. Use this character to create an original entry. Maybe you could create a video about how you came into the world of our members? If you watch our promo for the auditions, don't you get inspired to pick your favourite character and to show us how he joined our studio?
Participants who will choose this option will get a small 'bonus', because they don't have much time to edit. For Option 2, the creativity is much more important than technical editing skills.
Additional Rule for OPTION 2:
You may NOT use these characters to represent YOU : Lightning, Tifa, Serah
(of course you can show them in your video, just not as 'yourself')

Regardless whether you picked option 1 or 2, you must follow the general and additional rules, otherwise your entry will not be accepted.