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Judging Process

"I have to say this is the very first time I've ever criticized some videos that much as I did with every entry xD In the videos I was looking for emotion, skills and also creativity, and there were a lot of videos that satisfied all my requests. But [bad news] I had to make a choice! So I started to eliminate the entries that didn't match the style of our group and then I came in front of a very difficult decision! I was really undecided between eight entries and I gave them marks considering: masking, timing, storyline and emotions... but I only managed to eliminate one person xD The final choices were the most difficult ones! I had to pick only four members... and all the persons left were editors that I have always esteemed and whose videos are always really creative and emotional! At the very end I named three persons that I choosed definitively, but I was really unsure for the last one! after another day of thinking and thinking and thinking I came up with my final decision. I want to say that also the participants' personality was an important point of my judgement, since I'll have to work with them! We were searching for active members and mostly for persons we trusted."

kikka1302, 21st of November 2011


Kikka's "report" is basically the story of the process for all of us judges I believe. We were confronted with so many talented editors and many of them are persons who we know for a very long time. It is not always easy to stay impartial and for a choosing of new members for our group, it was neither possible nor neccessary to make an unbiased decision. Why? Well simply because there are so many things we need to consider. This was not a contest to find out which video was the best or most impressive one. We needed to find persons who we WANT to work with and whose style is the most suitable one for the studio's look.

Since Kikka, Feta and I are really well attuned already, I wanted to make sure that all of us will be satisfied with our final decision. So I decided to take their opinion into account. I asked them to let me know which entries were their favourite once. But not only referring skills and personality. There were really a lot of factors which played a part.

Out of more than 40 entries, there were about 30 editors left who we needed to judge. Even if this amount might not sound like a huge number of participants, it definetely was a big deal to judge these people, because the few editors who gave it a try were very experienced and gifted. 


We would like to thank you all very much for participating. It showed us that you all support this studio with your heart! There are some of you who we will definetely remember if we might ever look for new talents to join our projects!

If you have any questions referring your entry, feel free to send us a message on YouTube!

Best wishes,




The basic rating citeria (NO point system!)


1. The video entry:

"You believe in yourself and you're gonna go as far as you can..." 

Tifa Lockheart, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

  • Originality was something very important, no matter which option you picked. We were looking for people who are creative and have their own style.
  • Even if an individual style is vitally, we still need editors in our studio, who will be integrative and able to transform our ideas. So the look of a video was essential to find out if the person could deal with our plans.
  • If we had the feeling that your video did not show us your dedication or will to join us, then we probably were not convinced by your entry. There are many different factors which influenced our decision. If you picked option 2 then it was always interesting to see what you were coming up with. But also an option 1 video can be convincing, if we feel the vibe with you ;)
  • As always, the quality, the use of effects and many other things are things we take into account. For MRP it is very important how well your storytelling is marked.
  • Something that was also considered, was the effort you seemed to put into your entry. Of course this can never be completely obvious, but it was also a point we tried to look at as impartial as possible!


2. The PERSON, not the editor:

"We're not just a bunch of faithless soldiers. We're friends."

Tifa Lockheart, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

  • We can never tell if working together will be great or not, if we don't give it a try. But of course we wanted to make sure that the editors who will join us have a friendly personality with some characteristics which might suit ours. Therefore it was important to find out more about the pariticpants. We browsed your channels a lot and the form you had to fill in was a very essential part of our judging citeria. We needed to make sure that you would be willing to work in a TEAM, so we wanted to learn more about your personality. It was very interesting to read your descriptions!

3. MemoRised Pictures

  • In the end, any decision I made, I tried to make for the good of the studio. Therefore I was influenced by the opinion of my teampartners, by the bonus of option 2 entries and by the words and impression I got after watching and reading your entries. It was never at issue how many subscribers someone has got or who could do the best masking. 
  • MemoRised Pictures shall be a place for people who enjoy working on these projects together, so we need to find editors who not just have the skills, but also the nature to join us :)