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Auditions - Participants

We received more than 40 entries. Thanks a lot to all of you for the effort you put into your videos, especially those who decided to challenge with Option 2. It was a pleasure to see everyone joining, no matter which option you picked! We received some comments and messages from people who were interested but afraid to join - Those messages mostly were not answered on purpose. This studio consists of members who really love doing what we do and who would always try their best to support the group. Any new member who will join us should be confident with their work and willing to give it at least a try ;) Please don’t feel offended by this, we just think that everyone should decide on his/her own if he or she wants to try joining us. Someone who is unsure about joining shall not be influenced by our opinion ;D
However, some of those who did give it a try, unfortunately did not follow the rules, so they were not approved. If you did not add the required information after we messaged you, your video was ignored.
Note: If you are sure you followed all the rules but your name is not on the list, please message us ASAP and send us a link to your entry!
Out of all the entries, we will pick no more than 4 editors who will be invited to join our studio. The following list contains the participants in alphabetical order.


•        AerithWingz
•        annasukasuperfan
•        BabyFantasiaxx
•        BlazedSilhouette
•        chiron2009
•        cstar7777
•        deesziej
•        distantpaopu
•        HJAZisRikku
•        kawtem
•        Keyashii
•        khrikulover
•        Lymun16
•        Mikakodesu
•        phillipzchillz
•        RawritsHappy
•        remem95
•        scherzo2notte
•        Shroomify
•        Spazzlings
•        TheStormsSong
•        Tifa326x
•        WickedKiss
•        wizardsfirstrule900
•        XFinalFantasyNightsX
•        xPrincessGarnetXVI
•        xRinachan
•        xSeeraAi
•        xsmatthijsse
•        xxBrokenRozexx
•        Yunarella
•        YunieSummoner
•        znMatt