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Qualifying Conditions

You watched MRP's projects, you know our members and you're pretty sure you could hold your own against other contestants who would like to join us as well? Sure, there's a chance you might not be chosen - but how are you supposed to know if you don't give it a try?
However, if you want to show us your dedication, it makes sense to be prepared. After all, you'll probably never get a second chance to become a member of the studio which once took root by its uniqueness in storytelling and unity.
To join us, you should bring reliability and open-mindedness with you. Sure, we all have a RL and we know how it sometimes can destroy your plans. But make sure to let us know if there is any problem! From the start, MemoRised Pictures was a group of people who shared their honest opinions and gave their best to help each other - so if you enjoy working together with other people, this is definetely the right place for you. Teamwork is essential for being a part of this group. Once you'll get to know us, you will realize that MRP is like a philosophy, which will only work if you want it with all your heart.
There are several other things, technically, which will determine if you may become a member. Anyway, you can do the best masking, the most beautiful effect and tell us an unbelievable story - all this is not enough. A sincere character is the most important thing if you want to convince us.

Aside from all this, it is required to be a member of I'm Vidding It! because that's where our conversations take place. We are looking for members, who will breathe new life into this studio. You should think twice before you audition. Do you have enough time to be active and to join our projects? As soon as the results will be up, we will most likely start working on our Christmas Project, among other things. Therefore, you should be available for our studio within the next weeks and months.