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MRP - Members

MemoRised Pictures

MinasPassion - Lightning

FetaVideos - Tifa
kikka1302 - Serah

khrikulover - Noctis

Spazzlings - Ezio 

znMatt - Shelke 

xSeeraAi - Yuna


Former Members:

Kairih92 - Cloud

PassionXxKyohaku - Zack



The studio was created in April, 2009 by Mina. The first member who joined was Kairih92, when she won Mina's Spring Flower Contest. After the Auditions for MRP we were finally complete. Five european editors (yes, we are all from Europe, but that truely happened per chance and didn't influence me when I chose the members^^) started working together in unity. Today, we still are the same. And even though things can be complicated sometimes, we will stay together and work on a new project in 2011!

This section was updated on 31st of December, 2012



This section was updated on 14th October, 2011


We lost two more members and it was really a hard time the last months. We already miss you guys, but we hope you will be fine and feel comfortable in everything you do. We decided not to give up and to make a new start instead. We'll be looking for new members - and it will be very exciting to see who might join us in the future! So if you plan to audition, make sure to give your best - at least that's what MRP always does!


(updated by Mina, 14th October 2011

After a very long period of inactivity, the members of MRP decided to reunite. Unfortunately, one of our members won't join our reunion - but we are prepared for our comeback. A new member arrived us on the 6th of June 2011 and we are all very glad that he or she decided to become a part of our studio. However, WHO this person actually is, stays a secret until we will officially announce and promote the studio once again ;)


(updated by Mina, 16th of June 2011)

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