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Click here to visit FetaVideos on YouTube! (formerly Feta19)
Click here to visit FetaVideos on YouTube! (formerly Feta19)

Birthday: 27th of February

Real Name: 

MemoRised Pictures


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Vidding Fandoms:

Final Fantasy, Bakemonogatari, Death Note, 5 centimeters per second, The girl who leapt through time and many more...


Interests & Hobbies: 
My favorite video games are by far Final Fantasy X and Metal Gear Solid 3. I also like the rest FF and MGS games and some other games like Assassins' Creed, Heavy Rain etc
I also like watching anime and reading manga. Some of my favorite anime series are Death Note, Bakemonogatari and Blood+. My favorite manga is Air Gear.
I like drawing even though I'm not as passionate with it as I am with video editing.


I'm usually a quiet and not-so-outgoing person IRL. I guess that's about it. Pretty boring, right? Cool

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