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Click here to visit Kairih92 on YouTube!

Decided to leave MRP in September 2011 due to personal reasons.


Birthday: 15th of June 1992


Real Name: Giulia


Studios: MemoRised Pictures (that's all <3)


Watch "I'm Still Holding" and "Shine" by Kairih92


Vidding Fandoms: 

Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Death Note, Devil May Cry


Interests & Hobbies: 

This is a long list, let's see. I love reading, my favourite genre is fantasy, but I also love some books as The Picture Of Dorian Gray or Shakespeare's novel.

I love watching movies, my favourite director is Tim Burton, I absolutely ADORE his creations. 

My favourite music genre is Rock, and my favourite band are Muse.

Matthew Bellamy is one of my idol. I adore videogames, RPG are my fav ones, but I don't dislike things such as Resindet Evil and Metal Gear Solid. My favourite videogame is FFVII. Oh, yeah, I have a great passion for Cloud x Zack, I love doujinshi from Yubinbasya circle.


I'm really shy, I don't talk really often with people I don't know, so I should say my personality is introspective. I'm not a good talker, but I'm kind and gentle. Some people say I'm nice (they're probably out of mind for saying it). 

Find me on:


EFP (an italian fan fiction site)