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kikka1302 - Serah Farron

Click here to visit kikka1302 on YouTube!
Click here to visit kikka1302 on YouTube!

Birthday: 13th of February

Real Name: Alessandra

Studios: MemoRised Pictures, Chained Destiny's Studio,

            Spirit of Light Studio, Destined Bonds Studio


Watch "ANOTHER ME" and "-- FEEL YOU HERE --" by kikka1302

Vidding Fandoms: Final Fantasy VII compilation, VIII, X, X-2, XIII

Interests & Hobbies: well... video editing, drawing, going to the cinema =D [I love movies about superheroes =DD, my favourite actor is Johnny Depp *-*], PC games [RPG are my favourites, in particular Final Fantasy saga], watching anime and reading manga (even if I am not an expert in this field xD)... and about music, I listen to every kind of music (apart from house and heavy metal... let's say that I like "normal" music xDxDxD), my favourite kind of music is rock and I just love MUSE!!!!

Personality: actually I usually don't talk a lot but I usually don't have problems to adapt myself to situations^^

Find me on: I have msn, but I use it rarely xD of course I'll try my best to be online when there are MRP meetings, my address
however, I'm often on FB. Here is my page: