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xSeeraAi - Yuna

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Click here to visit xSeeraAi on YouTube!

Birthday: 11th of February 1992

Real Name: Sarah

Studios: MemoRised Pictures

Watch "Doth Beauty so Cruel?" and "The Lifestream" by xSeeraAi


Vidding Fandoms: Final Fantasy & Various Anime.

Interests & Hobbies: I love nothing more than being able to watch anime to de-stress. Other than watching anime and editing, I enjoy singing, voice acting and reading, I even want to start up learning some instruments again. I find it very hard to try and fit in all the things I want to do in the space of a day! So I dabble in most things. I'm a bit of a geek, so I love to rip DVD's and encode my own footage, sometimes I get swept up into it and realise that I haven't eaten for hours. Along with this, I love to hang out around the troubleshooting threads on forums, helping people fix their technical problems.

Personality: I like to think I'm happy-go-lucky and add a bit of spark to people's days, but I do have my darker side. I'm far from perfect, but I try my best to help people and be a generally good spirited person.

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