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A Journey For Hope

Project finished in June, 2009.

The main idea of this project was, to create a video, which is uniform in its style and outstanding in the storytelling. The members worked together perfectly and the result was stunning! It was the first time a studio on YT presented such a creation and many epic masterpieces would follow, such as Legacy Hearts Studio's "The Legacy of the Crystal".


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Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X

IIFinal Fantasy VII Advent Children

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

Final Fantasy VII Dirge Of Cerberus



Suteki da ne (Orchestral Version) - Final Fantasy X

Composed by: Nobuo Uematsu 

Performed by: Ritsuki Nakano


1 - MinasPassion

2 - xXArcaneFeatherXx

3 - Feta19

4 - MinasPassion

5 - PassionXxKyohaku

6 - Kairih92

7 - xXArcaneFeatherXx