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This video was created while I was actually inactive. I was watching videos on YouTube from time to time, checking out what my favourite editors and studio members were doing while I was absent.All of a sudden, I uploaded a video then. The project was actually supposed to be finished and uploaded at the end of 2010, because I didn't have time to edit. But after Feta19 announced her official "Goodbye" (she wanted to leave YouTube to concentrate on her studies) I decided to finish this video, which was in the works for a really long time. It was rushed A LOT - I was under big time pressure. Originally, I planned to promote our official comeback with this video. In the end, it turned out to be a very personal message to my studiomembers.





- Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended
- Adobe After Effects CS4
- Sony Vegas Pro 9.0
- Particle Illusion 3.0
- MAGIX Video Deluxe 16
- Easy h.264 by ajaX

- Final Fantasy VI Death On The SnowField Terra's Theme Song OC Remix
- X-Ray Dog - Blaze Of Glory
- X-Ray Dog - Here Comes The King
- Auracle Music - Epic Legend
- Audiomachine - Images Of War

- Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (Complete)
- Final Fantasy VII Dirge Of Cerberus
- Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core
- Final Fantasy The Spirit Within
- Final Fantasy XIII
- Envelope Image
- DVD Bottom Side Image
- Tifa Lockhart FFVII 10th anniversary shot
- Icons from I'm Vidding It Board
- Icons from Sony Vegas and several medias
- iPhone Display Image
- Vision Glasses Image
- 3D Motion Menues were created using the "Butterfly Bliss" and "Retro Fusion" templates from Pro Motion Menu Kits available at
- Editing Scenes For Menues By MRP Members:
(in order of appeareance)

* Rivalry [SYTYCV]
* Dancing Beat
* A Journey for Hope [Trailer]
* Code 578 [SYTYCV]
* A Journey for Hope [MepPart]
* You'll Be A Revolution [MepPart]

* UnNamed Desires
* Feel
* Dream As You'd Live Forever
* A Journey for Hope [MepPart]
* Do You Believe
* Ghost Whisperer

* Memories In Photographs
* Our Yesterdays
* Final Fantasy VII - Trailer
* Believe [Promo]
* A Journey for Hope [MepPart]
* You'll Be A Revolution [MepPart]

* Zack's Death
* I So Like Spring Last Year
* You Set Me Free 
* MRP Promo
* A Journey for Hope [MepPart]
* You'll Be A Revolution [MepPart]