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The Warm-Up Game: I'm not moving

... to be released in November 2012.

Many of you might think we were not active this year at all, but we still have been working on some projects in the past months! One of these videos is a side-project, which we would like to introduce to you now. It was originally started in June 2011, but for several reasons it went on hiatus until our new members joined. The concept of the MEP was more or less an experiment, because actually I was unsure if we would be able to realise this at all. If anyone of you know the game "I'm going on a trip and I'm taking ... with me.", this might help you a bit to understand the basis of the Warm-Up project.


The idea of the game:
Kikka starts to edit her part and creates a scenery, including her character (Serah). Then Mina would take the finished version of Part1 and add her character into the ending scenery (-> Serah 'meets' Lightning). By that, a smooth transition between Part1 and Part2 is created. Mina must create a scenery with Lightning for Part2. Seeraai takes Minas Part and adds her character (Yuna) into the ending scenery. By that, she also creates a smooth transition between Part2 and 3.
Then, Seeraai must create a scenery for Part 3. ...AND SO ON...
At the end, the editor of the final part will send her part to Editor1 (Kikka) and Editor1 will add her character (Serah) to the scenery.
So this means, the members edited the endings of each others parts. The thought beyond all this is, that the members will not know how their final parts actually look, until the MEP is up. The members can make a change of the part from another member, by adding their characters - and in the end the parts will look different than before.


Obviously, not an easy task. If you are interested in the process of this project and want to know what our members think, please feel free to read more in our Interview section for this project!


Mina, 7th of September 2012.