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The Warm-Up Game [Member Reports]

Here you can find reports about this project, written by our members. We want to give you an impression about how our new members felt joining us, how we felt working on the MEP and realizing the idea. 

An interview with khrikulover

I love MRP, the members are just so wonderful and talented! it's very intimidating working with all of them but, it also pushes me and makes me want to do my best to match up to all of their skills! I love all the members. Mina is a great leader and all the members are just so very helpful. I don't want to change anything. 


You will start working on your part very soon. Do you already have ideas for your video? Are you motivated to work on your part?


Yes, I do in fact! though the beginning is always left blank for me because connecting the parts together are always the hardest! LOL but I'm sure I'll manage due to all the members helpful idea! =3 I am somewhat motivated. Only when I see new works from the MRP or other great editors will I be able to sit at my computer for hours working on a project.


Betatesting is very helpful, IMO. The MRP members are very nice and when they are being harsh I know it is because they care very much. Critiques can be harsh, very harsh but, when it comes from people I admire and care about, I take it as fuel for my passion for editing and do my best to work on the things I am critique on. I know I still have a long way to go before I can be called a good editor, so helpful critiques are always welcomed. 


khrikulover, 26th of October

What Seeraai thinks...

Working on my first project with MRP was certainly an experience. The dynamics of the studio and the projects are very different from any other studio projects I have worked in. When this project first started I wasn't feeling very inspired, I loved the system for editing onto each others parts but the song choice was not something I am used to. The song we used had been played heavily on the radio so many times that I had a very strong dislike for it, so of course it was very hard to edit to. My editing was rushed and definitely not up to the high standards that an MRP project deserves. 

Since this project was only a warm up project I decided to hand it in anyway and to keep to the deadline. I didn't want to slow everything down and I was very fed up of the song by this point anyway. But I never was happy with it. My part had been finished for months, and during all this time the low quality still haunted me. I was very worried about my finished result. I couldn't let it be apart of the MEP looking as bad as it did, especially since it is sandwiched between Mina and Feta's!

Mina has been most helpful and understanding with me. Her thorough beta-testing really helped inspire me and gave me motivation to work on my part again. Now,it looks so much better. There are still little things that I do not like about it - I am never fully satisfied with my videos. But on the whole I really do like how it turned out. I never thought I'd be able to make a decent part to this song; achieving so, really makes me feel satisfied.


xSeeraAi, 9th of September 2012

Feta's thoughts about the Warm-Up Game...

There was indeed some confusion untill all of the details of the MEP were announced. Like always, Mina posted a big paragraph explaining how the entire thing would work. After reading it a couple of times everything became clear to me and I felt ready to start working on the project. 


I liked the idea of the surprise and felt it was indeed a good warm-up since our studio had been inactive for so long. ;)

When we were talking about re-opening the warm-up game, I thought "Why not?". Kikka's part was already done by then and Mina was working on hers, so it would take less the amount of time a completely new project would. Plus, it was a shame to waste kikka's already finished part even though the story she followed was mainly based on our old constellation.

It might didn't seem like but I did enjoy working on my part. I really liked the part of the song I had to work on. From the first time I listened to it, I could imagine most of the scenes of my part. Unofortunately, I never finished my part on time and delayed the progress of the MEP a lot. Plus, the outcome wasn't as good as it should have been BUT I still enjoyed working on it and watching the final outcome. 


FetaVideos, 7th of September 2012