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You Will Be A Revolution - feat. Rymelia

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It was in autumn 2009, when we wanted to start our Winter/Christmas Project. I had already thought out everything (theme, songchoice and parts, promos etc.) and the members had chosen the characters that they wanted to use. We were about to get started, when our beloved member Lina (PassionXxKyohaku) told me that she had to drop out of the project due to personal reasons. She wouldn't be able to be online for about two months...

Well, there was no doubt that this project would be canceled without her. I didn't want to ask anyone else to join the project for several reasons. And we were missing Lina really much. So I decided to make a dedication for her, together with the other members. We would upload the MEP as a "Welcome-Back-Video". I asked two or three of her friends that I knew to join us and Rymelia agreed. So together with our special guest, we started another project, using our representing characters and showing our dedication to Zack ;D

But around Christmas it was I think... When she came back and one or two parts for the MEP were still missing, since we all had some problems with our computers, RL etc. Well, the problem was not that we were not done yet. I didn't really care about one or two weeks delay. It's much more important that the editors are satisfied with their work. But when I saw that Lina wanted to leaver YT I was totally shocked. I didn't really know how to react. I was so happy to see that she was back and now she wanted to leave us again?? 

Now our video would no longer be what it was supposed to. It would be more like a "Good-Bye-Present" and though I had to respect her descision I couldn't resist but try to convice her to stay. If you'd read the video description you'd probably thought I was a drama-queen. However, it seemed to help a bit. Maybe it was more the video itself, which pushed her, but anyway, in the end she decided to stay and we are all happy that she's still a part of the studio today!


Special Thanks to Rymelia for taking part in this Project!





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