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A Journey For Hope Promotion by Feta19



This video was made by Feta19 (in Summer, 2009) to promote MRP's first project 'A Journey For Hope'. It was also one of the first promos for our studio members.


Music: Metal Gear Saga from the Metal Gear Solid 4 OST


You can also download this video here: Download: 640x360, 25.7 MB

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  • #1

    Mina (Montag, 27 Juni 2011 17:19)

    I still adore this promo, it is so powerfull and flows great with the music ^-^ I remember how I fell in love with your ideas when I first saw it :)

  • #2

    James (Sonntag, 15 Juli 2012 14:38)

    Nice article bro